Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Q&A

Game Chronicles Magazine had the chance to interview Chuck Cuevas, producer for the upcoming Xbox/PS2 RPG, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. A snippet to follow:

Q: How long will it take the average player to complete Fallout: BoS and–aside from co-op–what do you see as adding replay value?

A: Around 23 hours for the average player. It will really depend on how much exploration the player does. It may be more then a little helpful for the player to explore as Stimpaks and ammo may be found hidden in the most unusual spots. And in the wasteland, these are precious commodities. Advancing your character or training a new character would be the main drive behind playing the levels again and again. With the completion of each level difficulty, a new character becomes unlocked and will allow the player to play as one of the characters from the Brotherhood of Steel world.

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