Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Preview

The guys at WorthPlaying have dished up a preview of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, in which they reflect on a handful of both positive and negative aspects of the game. An excerpt:

The graphics in BoS are, granted, probably the best in any Fallout game to date, though they don’t really compare to the likes of such similar games as Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes and the stellar LotR: Return of the King. The top down view limits what you can see at any given time to that perspective, so you can never really “look around” to get a better view. Character models look pretty good, even up close when you engage in conversation. The think that is annoying though, is the perfectly good side view that is displayed when you talk to people, and yet you can’t use that view in actual gameplay. Particle effects such as steam, blood, and irradiated characters all look fairly convincing. Sound in the game seems to take a backseat, as what music there is isn’t particularly memorable. Sound effects such as gunfire sound fairly canned, and lack any form of power behind them. The voiceovers are the best part of the audio ensemble, with characters actually sounding true to character. Cursing is fairly prevalent, though lets face it, if your world got nuked and you lived among the rubble you wouldn’t be too joyous or polite either.

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