Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Interview

EDBIG RPG has conducted an interview with Interplay’s Chris Pasetto, asking the lead designer several questions about the upcoming RPG console title, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. An excerpt:

Q: How much of the SPECIAL rules set, used in Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics, is still intact in FO:BOS? What changes, if any, did you have to make and why?

A: While a great deal of the SPECIAL system exists in the foundations of F:BoS, many of the rules are invisible to the player. We wanted to ensure that the player was spending more time moving through the game world than the interface, so the SPECIAL statistics that the player can modify are simplified. Playing through the game, character advancement takes place through skills/perks that many will recognize from previous Fallout titles: Die Hard, Artful Dodger, Melee Weapons, etc.

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