Fallout 76 Update – Illegal Weapon Mod Removal Update

Bethesda brings us a new development update for their multiplayer survival RPG Fallout 76 that highlights the game’s new patch aimed at removing “illegal” weapon mods from the game, rebalancing a few of its perfectly legal weapons, and fixing some bugs. Beyond that, we’re told about a couple of upcoming in-game events.

Check it out:

Welcome back to Inside the Vault!

This week we have a smaller update on Tuesday that brings various bug fixes and improvements to Appalachia, along with the implementation of a system that removes illegal weapon mods and attachments.


Tuesday, January 24 at 10 a.m. ET we are bringing Fallout 76 offline across all platforms to apply an update. This update is focused on bug fixes and improvements, but also includes the illegal weapon mod removal we announce in November.

What does this mean for my weapons?

For a great majority of our player base, you will not notice any changes to your weapons. This system will detect weapon mod attachments placed on weapons that they don’t naturally belong to and cannot be obtained through gameplay. In addition to this, weapons with mods that we have removed from the drop pool previously in balance adjustments will also be impacted. This includes weapons such as Stalkers Shovel’s and Explosive Energy Weapons.

This implementation is to ensure that all players have the same advantages as you, whether this be in Events, Daily Op’s, Scorched Earth and more. All players must adhere to the EULA rules and regulations, and the terms of our TOS.

Weapon Improvements

Additionally, we’re making a few changes to existing weapons. A few of these changes being:

  • Assault Rifles will now correctly have the Rifle classification regardless of how it is modded.
  • Explosive bullets now only apply to bullets. (Railway Spikes excluded.)
  • Handy Buzz Blade’s will have greatly reduced VATS AP consumption.
  • Radium Rifles will have an increased rate to learn mods when scrapping.
  • Gunpowder is now categorized as junk/scrap.

We look forward to bringing you these upcoming changes, and more on Tuesday January 24. Keep an eye out on the following locations for updates to the maintenance window[…]


This weekend, Treasure Hunter Mole miners are emerging all over Appalachia in search of Legendary Items and epic loot! Listen for their distinct radio sounds nearby to locate them and snag their Mole Miner Pails for yourself! Or if you prefer a more passive approach to collecting pails, you can purchase Mole Miner Pails for caps at any Train Station Vendor.

After you’ve stocked up on Legendary Items, don’t forget to jump into a Double Mutation Daily Ops! Completion of a Daily Ops with these doubled mutations brings increased difficulty, but also increased rewards.

Weekend event Details:

Start : Thursday, January 26, 12:00 p.m. ET

End : Monday, January 30, 12:00 p.m. ET

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