Fallout 76 – Test Your Metal Update Now Live

Test Your Metal, the latest arena-themed content update for Bethesda’s multiplayer survival RPG Fallout 76, is now live alongside a series of in-game events and a new progression season. You can find the complete update notes over here and watch the official launch trailer below:

Some extra info:

A new update has landed for Fallout 76! Take on a coliseum full of deadly automatons, throw a moonshine rager and stave off a Super Mutant takeover with new Public Events. That’s not all: Players can now dive into Season 9, Heart of Steel: A Dread Island Tale, find their loot with ease using corpse highlighting and enjoy new Scoreboard enhancements for being Fallout 1st members!


The Brotherhood of Steel have gained intel on a faction of Blood Eagles building an army of combat-ready robots. Enter a gladiatorial arena with your team and turn those bots back to scrap before they’re unleashed upon Appalachia!


It’s almost time for one of Appalachia’s finest soirees – the Moonshine Jamboree! One problem: We’re fresh out of Mire Magic Moonshine! Thankfully, the Raiders that took over the place managed to put back together a handy bot by the name of Moonshiner Ned who can save the party. But first, you’ll need to help him procure some of this local elixir’s more dangerous ingredients.


The Settlers at Foundation have been making strides with their new encampment inside a blast crater, even devising a possible way to reduce the area’s deadly radiation. However, a horde of Super Mutants threaten the Settlers’ safety, leaving it up to you to secure the area.


With the arrival of this new Fallout 76 updates comes a fresh new Season full of rewards to uncover! Take a mysterious trip to a sinister isle where nothing is what it seems in Heart of Steel: A Dread Island Tale.

We’re also adding enhancements for Fallout 1st members as they explore Dread Island, offering active members extra challenges, additional rank-up rewards and even a stacking S.C.O.R.E. bonus up to 25% for the duration of Season 9!

Additionally, we’re excited to finally bring all players a much-requested and much-anticipated feature: corpse highlighting! Vault Dwellers can now have an easier time finding that Legendary they felled and spend less time claiming their hard-fought loot! Corpse highlighting will be enabled by default and can be altered in the Settings menu.

With three new Public Events and a new Season to take on, Appalachia continues to be the place to call home – download the latest update for Fallout 76, grab your fellow Dwellers and join the fun today! Learn more about this update in the full patch notes, found here.

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