Fallout 3 Video Interview

G4 X-Play was able to get some face time with Fallout 3 lead producer Todd Howard at the Penny Arcade Expo.

Adam Sessler: What are you noticing in people’s reactions, in how they’re playing the game that is surprising you?

Todd Howard: I guess I’m not surprised at how much they like the violence, y’know, they go right for it. People like to see the dialogues – we haven’t showed a lot of it, so they like to go to Megaton, go around and see the different personalities. But once we tell them – y’know, they only have ten minutes – so if they go to Megaton and we tell them “hey, you only got a few minutes left” they start shooting the first person in front of them. Y’know, nice old ladies, and they just go BAM, they start going for it.

Adam Sessler: What happens in that town when that happens?

Todd Howard: Everybody goes crazy on you, starts shooting you, so you have to – it’s a tough combat situation, so most people here just die or run out of town with bullets flying.

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