Fallout 3 SecuROM Issues

It turns out Bethesda’s earlier statements on Fallout 3 and DRM were not entirely accurate, as users have ran into some SecuROM issues. ReclaimYourGame reports:

Earlier this month, Bethesda Softworks promised us that Fallout 3 would have no invasive DRM scheme, and that they would go for the ‘mildest form possible’. These are nothing but broken promises! In fact, Fallout 3 is shipping with SecuROM 7! Someone already got bitten by it, with a known SecuROM error: Conflict with Emulation Software detected. Now, we all know what that means! Non-invasive DRM? Of course not, Bethesda. We had hope, only for it to be a let-down. Also, Fallout 3 comes with SecuROM 7.36.0006. In short, Bethesda has betrayed us!

Other links worth a peruse:
How Bethesda treat people with SecuROM problems it’s outrageous. Bethesda don’t know anything about the DRM they use.
Bethesda’s quick fix for people with problems.

Direct link to SecuROM patch here.

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