Fallout 3 Preview

VideoGamer.com had 7 hours with Fallout 3 and on its experience makes a list of the 10 most impressive moments. Spoiler-heavy.

The last location we got to explore – and by far our favourite place in Fallout 3 thus far – was the National Guard Depot. After battling our way past two robots guarding the entrance, we found ourselves standing inside a large building that had been totally gutted by some form of explosion. Huge swathes of wall and floor had been ripped away to create an assault course of debris, and glowing green particles were still floating in the air. The design for this level has clearly been inspired by The Glow in Fallout 1 – there’s a really gripping sense of mystery to the stage. It’s pretty tough too – the abundance of gun turrets and chattering bots will take its toll on your health and ammo supplies. We managed to progress quite deep into the complex and even dispatched a psychotic “Mr Gutsy” bot that ate up most of our stimpacks, but we ran out of time before we could find whatever it is that’s hidden away here. Given the level of security, we reckon that it has to be something pretty special. One thing’s for sure: on October 31, we’re heading straight back – and this time we’ll be ready.

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