Fallout 3 Magazine Preview

NMA brings some transcribed bits from a hands-on preview from 360 Gamer magazine.

First things first; the FPS combat in Fallout 3 isn’t its strong point. Our character felt rigid in his movement, and aiming accurately on the fly proved incredibly difficult in first- and third-person. This isn’t Halo 3 after all, and it’s not trying to be. VATS is the future here, and if you’re going to get anywhere in combat you’re going to have to get used to it’s time-freezing, menu-producing ways. Luckily it’s quick and simple enough to get the hang of. A quick press of the right shoulder button and we’d frozen time. [they sum the bit about VATS up with – Stubs] Satisfying? Yes. Repetivive ? Absolutely.

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