Fallout 3 Magazine Preview

A bit of a windback to before E3, NMA translates a very positive Dutch magazine preview.

Several bullies harass a girl, what will you do? The moral choices you make here will be the first example what await you during the rest of the game.
If you help the harassed girl you lean towards the path of ‘˜righteousness’, but you could also choose the side of the bullies in order to get in favor with them.

This black and white situation is a simple first test but later it will become more complex.
There will be many grey areas for you to choose from in which the consequences won’t be immediately clear.
As expected it will always come to a fight when you confront ‘˜creatures’ such as mutants, caverats, molerats, deathclaws or scorpions, but when facing ‘˜human’ opponents you don’t always have to solve everything with violence.
During conversations you can boast, threat, and deceive to get out of problems.
Your Charisma and Luck will determine the chance to talk yourself out of a threatening situation.

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