Fallout 3 Interview

Planet Fallout has conjured up an interview with Bethesda’s Jeff Gardiner about Fallout 3’s various DLC packages, with most of the emphasis being put on Point Lookout.

Planet Fallout: Speaking of DLC launching, the last two (The Pitt and Broken Steel) both had problems that were not just glitches and bugs but issues from the get-go. Is this something that has really been looked at?

Bethesda: I’ve lost tons of sleep on this. Unfortunately, both of them were totally unforeseeable errors. I call it a (solar flare). Sometimes solar flares affect your cell phone. Literally, both of these were that. But both Microsoft and us are very conscientious. I’m a gamer, too, and I would hate to experience this in a game I love and I apologize for this. Trust me; it has literally kept me up at night. Point Lookout has been thoroughly tested again- and we’re going to try our best to ensure that we won’t have to repeat those problems.

Thanks, NMA.

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