Fallout 3 Interview

videogaming247 continues to feed us trickles from their talk with Pete Hines. VG247, in its usual fragmented style. Fallout 3’s gameplay is like (organised chaos).

(It’s sort of like organised chaos,) the Bethesda man told VG247 at Games Convention.

(In order for the player to be able to go wherever they want, they have to know they can get back to whatever it is that they wanted to be doing, or were supposed to be doing, which for most folks is the main quest.

Tradeshow demos can be frustrating.

(To your point, it does make it a bit like, ‘˜Well, what are you doing at E3?’ versus, ‘˜What are you doing at Leipzig?’ Go do what you want. If you played it at E3, go in a different direction this time. That’s what we do well.)

Fallout 3 did come under some fire after E3, where journalists were allowed to play the game for 30 minutes.

(You play the game and you see what you think,) Hines said previously on the matter.

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