Fallout 3 Interview

David Wildgoose interviewed lead designer Emil Pagliarulo for OXM. A lot of questions were cut due to lack of space, and he has now placed these on his blog.

DW: Would you say you’re consciously making Fallout 3 for Fallout fans or making it for the new fans that you’ve reached through the success of Oblivion?

EP: We make games for each other here. We are the type of Fallout fans who play the original games and love them, but we love other games and we love free-form games. So that’s the type of person I’m making the game for, someone whom I assume would probably play Oblivion and likes an open-ended experience. But part of that too is I’m making it for someone like me who played Fallout back in the day but, you know, doesn’t worship the game, but remembers it fondly as a great game and would love to be in the world again.

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