Fallout 3 Interview

The folks at videogaming247 have talked to Pete Hines about Fallout 3, and as per usual they’ve split it into various tidbits. On Leipzig.

(Yup, we’ll have a big presence at Leipzig,) he said. (That presence will take different forms for press and public, just for the purposes of scope, but we’ll definitely be there. Should be fun.)

Leipzig’s Games Convention takes place in East Germany from August 20-24.

On the public gameplay demo and violence.

Speaking to VG247, Bethesda’s Peter Hines has said that people may have been surprised by the level of violence in the Fallout 3 E3 demo simply because little of the RPG has been shown so far.

(I would chalk up the ‘˜mismatch’ to the fact that we hadn’t shown a ton on the game to folks up to this point, and that was intentional,) he said.

(We prefer to hold cards close to the vest and continue to put out new info on the game right up until it’s out, rather than having tons of info out there 9 or 12 months before launch and not having anywhere else to go.

The next milestone.

(The next milestone for us is get everything done,’) he said. (From a PR standpoint, we still have lots more things to see and show and talk about and we’ll be doling that info out over the coming months.)

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