Fallout 3 GC Preview

MTV Multiplayer put their hands on Fallout 3 at Games Convention Leipzig and return with their thoughts.

I chose a different path, a path that left me securing my very own house in Megaton with my very own robot butler. I could get a haircut from this butler. Or I could get amusement. That’s what I selected, and he/she/it told me a joke. It was about two electrons walking into a bar. One saying it lost an electron. The other asking: (Are you sure?) Response: (I’m positive.)

I asked my robot butler to tell me another joke. The robot butler replied: (My humor emitter ray needs recharging.)

And then I accidentally shot my robot butler, who chased me out of my own house, shooing me with his/her/its small flamethrower.

Theoretically, when you accidentally misfire into their torso or their two-headed cow, you can calm the people who shoot back at you if you holster your weapon. This didn’t work against my robot butler. He ran me out of town.

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