Fallout 3 E3 Previews

Two more previews for Fallout 3, based on hands-on impressions at E3. Totally360.

The active quest system from Oblivion makes its return which should please gamers who are familiar with that system. You will have a list of potential quests to complete and then you can choose which one to make (active), at which point the map will help lead you where to need to go for that particular quest. The map is represented in the bottom left corner of your screen and will show you what direction your destination is in as well as the destination you are currently traveling. You can also use the Pip-Boy to help you on your quest as from time to time you might find a message from someone on there that you can listen to that will give you some back story on what is happening around you. Overall this game has a tremendous amount of promise and I really didn’t want to stop playing when my twenty five minutes was up. I wanted to keep playing and exploring which is the sign of a potentially great game. Bethesda also announced at E3 that the XBox360 version will feature exclusive downloadable content. Of all the games that I was actually able to play during E3 this title is definitely at the top of my list. Be sure to check it out when it hits store shelves this fall.

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My shots destroyed the inhibitor and the eyebot went nuts, opening fire on a hapless caravan guard who had wandered into view. The guard returned fire and destroyed the robot, saving me the trouble and potential danger of taking the thing on myself. Hey, works for me.

And that was just the first five minutes of the game. Over the remaining 25 minutes of the too-short demo, I visited the walled shantytown of Megaton and made a deal with the mayor to disarm the unexploded nuke at the centre of town. (Fans of Oblivion will find the game’s dialogue system immediately familiar.)

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