Fallout 3 E3 Preview

Yet another E3 preview of Bethesda’s Fallout sequel has been posted to the web, and this time it’s at IGN’s Vault Network.

Feeling like I could take on a bit more than a little lady with a knife I headed further down the hill in search of a more worthy prey. In the distance was a busted up elementary school; the perfect location for something vile and evil, right? I entered the school which was dark and actually scary. I heard some grunting coming from a room and went to investigate where I found (a raider). Shooting him might not have been the best idea because he brought several friends with him that led to my demise.

This is when one of the Bethesda guys came over and was kind enough to teach me about the VAT system. This is a really cool feature in the game where you actually pause the game and pick where you want to attack the enemy. You can shoot them in the head, weapon, arms, legs, or chest and depending on where you hit them different things will happen. Hitting the enemy in the head for example will make them less able to see you and shooting their leg will make them move slower a bit of common sense there. Once I mastered the VAT system I was able to work through enemies much more efficiently. In no time I had cleared out the elementary school and made my way back outside.

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