Fallout 3 Censorship Detailed

UGO asked Pete Hines for some details about the world-wide changes made to Fallout 3 in response to censorship and -as expected – they’re pretty light.

UGO: Just wanted to confirm the annoucement that all versions of Fallout 3 would be indentical, with the changes being made to the names of specific drugs (changing them from real-world names to in-universe names). Can you be more specific? If I recall, all of the drugs in the builds we’ve played were made-up names like Buffout and Mentats.

Pete Hines: The chems in the original Fallout used fictional names…Buffout, Jet, Rad-X, etc. Those all appear in Fallout 3 in exactly the same way as before.

We had added a new chem to Fallout 3 and had given it a real-world name, Morphine. Questions were raised about the use of that real-world drug, not only in Australia, but other territories as well. We decided there was no reason it needed to be named that and it should be a fictional name like the other chems, so we changed it to (Med-X).

That’s the change we made in response to those concerns, nothing else.

Talk about not a big deal.

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