Fable: The Lost Chapters Interview

ComputerAndVideoGames.com has conducted an interview with Lionhead’s Dene Carter, in which the creative director talks about some of the enhancements they’re making to Fable in the upcoming PC version. Check it out:

Q: The PC’s mouse and keyboard control method is obviously a whole new ball game – would you say better, worse or just different?

A: The only thing I really miss from the Xbox controls is the rumble. The PC control setup is very different – in a good way. The mouse is a wonderful little device; the freedom and accuracy it gives to camera control is quite refreshing. First person archery feels like it has ‘come home’ to the PC. In addition, the inclusion of a shortcut bar is a very ‘PC’ thing to do. We tried emulating that kind of functionality on the Xbox and got pretty close, but when you use a PC you’ve got a ‘joypad’ in front of you with a hundred or so buttons on it. With so much choice, if you don’t like our controls… you can just reconfigure them!

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