Fable II Reviews

A half dozen new reviews of Lionhead Studios’ Fable sequel are up for your reading pleasure. The first is at Hooked Gamers with a score of 9/10:

So yes, Fable 2 is fantastic. It’s much better than most were expecting from it, and is even good enough to rival the upcoming (probably released by the time you read this) Fallout 3, perhaps even bettering it. You can look now, Peter Molyneux; your game is superb.

The second is at Gamer 2.0 with a score of 8.2/10:

Death design aside, Fable 2 has managed to improve on the original in every conceivable way. It’s a game that rewards the player endlessly, resulting in a highly satisfying experience. Although it could be argued the game lacks any real sense of challenge, players will find themselves having too much fun to really be bothered. Fable 2 is simply a lot of fun. Peter Molyneux may take a fair amount of criticism, but he does what he does well. Fable 2 is a shining example of how choice, consequence, ethics and morality can be handled in games. And for that, it deserves nothing but praise.

The third is at RPGamer with a score of 4.5/5:

Although it’s clear that Fable 2 isn’t everything Peter Molyneux claimed it to be, the golden rule with Molyneux games is simply to ignore anything he says about them, and keeping that in mind, Fable 2 is an excellent game and a huge step above the majority of the competition. It’s easily one of, if not the best RPG currently available on the Xbox 360, and that’s saying a lot. Although the story quest is short and fairly trivial, the enormous and colorful world can keep a player entertained for thirty hours or more. The original Fable was a game that many RPGamers missed out on due to the significant lack of other RPGs on the Xbox. The situation has changed, and Fable 2 is definitely a game that shouldn’t be missed.

The fourth is at Ultra Ninjas with a score of 9/10:

While the second, in the no-doubt series of Fable games that we’ll see, was somewhat cut down in collectables than it’s predecessor, I still found plenty to go back and play for. Definitely gets my vote for RPG of the year, well worth adding to the ninja gaming stack!

The fifth is at Talk Xbox with a score of 78/100:

In closing, Fable 2 seems to be a light hearted, witty, casual role-playing game offering you more of an experience than an actual challenge. Despite a wide variety of activities available for participation in Albion, none feel fleshed out or developed enough to their true potential. Instead of an independent living world to be immersed in, it’s more akin to (by the numbers) questing with some lackluster mini games tagged alongside. Despite some great original ideas, witty humour and, of course, Peter Molyneux’s endearing enthusiasm, it’s hard to walk away from Fable 2 completely pleased with the end result. Rather you’ll feel more than disappointed for what this game could have been.

And the sixth is at Video Game Talk with a score of 4.5/5:

From start to finish Fable 2 is a great game that stands out as one of the better role-playing experiences on the current consoles. It presents a thriving and believable world with interesting characters, charm, and a whole lot of things to do. The world is literally your oyster and when you’re not wandering around looking for hobbes to kill, you’ll probably be blacksmithing, digging up treasure with your dog, or out saving people’s necks. No matter how you look at it Fable 2 is a success that is everything the first game should have been and more. The game comes highly recommended.

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