Fable II Pub Games Reviews

A couple more reviews of Lionhead’s Fable II Pub Games have surfaced, just in case you haven’t made a decision on whether or not to pick it up yet. The first is at Gamer 2.0 with a score of 6.2/10:

The idea of earning cash ahead of time for your pre-created Fable 2 character is a neat idea, but the structure could have been implemented better. Some players might find it extremely hard to walk away from the game without a debt amassed, while others will find their pockets lined with gold and exclusive items. It’s a give-or-take slew of games that manage to take the classic casino games formula and blend them up a bit, but ultimately fail in terms of playability and functionality.

While the other is at WorthPlaying with a score of 6.5/10:

For anyone who plans on picking up Fable II, Fable II Pub Games is an easy XBLA title to choose. Those who aren’t interested in the game’s lineage or continuing story line, or those who aren’t fans of board games, will likely pass this one by. Looking strictly at the games from their originality and inventiveness, even as a standalone title, it’s one of the better ones. My biggest gripe is that with two such imaginative and creative games in the form of Fortune’s Tower and Keystone, why phone in the third game as a slot machine clone? Maybe that’s just me. Even with that shortcoming, Fable II Pub Games are a nice addition to the otherwise-lacking board game section of XBLA.

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