Fable II Pub Games Reviews

The new week kicks off with a couple of new reviews of Lionhead’s RPG sequel XBLA add-on, Fable II Pub Games. Frictionless Insight starts us off with a score of 2.5/5:

You have to play the regular three games to improve your gambling skill, but you’ll probably lose. You can earn money (if you work hard or get really lucky) at tournaments, but that takes a lot of time. You also have to win (or place highly in) tournaments to get in-game items for Fable II that range from a hairstyle to a magical pistol to a potion that gives a permanent skill boost.

Yes, the Fable II Pub Games are really for getting a head start on Fable II, but it’s not an easy head start. If you aren’t eager for that head start, don’t bother with the Fable II Pub Games, because while the games look good, only one is really worth your time.

And then we move to Wonderwallweb with a score of 6.5/10:

Each of the table games also has a tournament to play through, if you rank on these you can win a large pot of cash, also depending on what game you play you can also win an item for your hero in the main Fable II game. These prizes range from a dog trick book, cutlass, tattoos and a pistol.

The idea of joining a Live and retail game together is a great one and I really would like to see more game do this, at the moment, without playing Fable II I have no idea if this supplements the main game well, as a standalone game though I found it very boring.

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