Fable II Pub Games Reviews

A couple more somewhat unenthusiastic reviews of Lionhead’s Fable II Pub Games have made their way online. The first is at Xbox World Australia with a score of 60/100:

And so we arrive at the heart of Fable Pub Games: despite the gambling and graphical interface, it’s basically just a way for the super-keen Fable fanatic to earn some money before the game hits shelves in October. How much you get out of Fable Pub Games is directly proportional to how keen you are to play Fable 2. Extra money is nice, but let’s face it, it’s rarely in short supply in role-playing games. The bonus items will definitely tempt a few: permanent stat increasing potions, powerful weapons, hair-styles, tattoos, dog tricks and even a comfy bed for your house all represent a tangible bonus. But with no multiplayer and hours of gameplay that falls somewhere between “tedious) and “simple) depending on your enthusiasm, Fable Pub Games is hardly worth the 800 Microsoft Points it currently demands. If you get it for free as part of a preorder deal by all means check it out, otherwise save your money for a pint at the pub and a spin on the pokies.

And the other is at Cheat Code Central with a score of 2.6/5:

Pub Games is really a half-game aimed at those that want to get a jump start on building their Fable II loot. Those looking for a good standalone title are out of luck – far from scoring a jackpot, Pub Games is a complete bust.

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