Fable II Pub Games Review

The editors at Gameplanet bring us the latest review of Fable II Pub Games, giving Lionhead’s XBLA add-on an overall score of 3.5/10.

Overall Fable II Pub Games just feels like a gimmick. As part of the larger game, they may act as a nice distraction to the adventuring you do in Fable II, but as a solo release it feels far too light.

If you are not planning on buying Fable II this is a complete waste of money. If you are buying Fable II, ponder it carefully. Either pre-order the Collector’s Edition (albeit this costs $20 more, but you also get some other extras) and pick the Pub Games up for free, or don’t bother. Bear in mind, too, that the actual worth of the gold and effect of the unlockables you win won’t be known until Fable II is finally released.

Fable II Pub Games falls far short of impressing and does little to ease the wait for Fable II.

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