Fable II Issues Being Addressed

Kotaku is reporting that Lionhead Studios has already fixed the showstopping Abbot quest bug in Fable II, though it will probably be a good week before the patch makes it into our hands. Via community manager Sam Van Tilburgh:

We’re keeping a close eye on our forums, while a lot of the issues reported are not issues with the game necessarily, some of them are (like the two examples mentioned in my blog) however and so we’re looking at those, plus some (like the Abbot Quest) have been fixed already. The biggest issue is when people report a show stopping issue on our forums without enough information for us to reproduce it. Regarding the ETA for said patch, there is no news yet.

Additionally, if you’re one of the many people that didn’t get their Limited Edition DLC code, you’ll be happy to learn that some sort of fix will be introduced tomorrow.

The issue with missing DLC codes from the LCE will be resolved tomorrow (28th October).

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