Fable II Interview

Eurogamer has scored an interview with technical art director Ian Lovett about the artwork the team’s created for Fable II.

Mike McCarthy: By comparison with the first game, it’s much more detailed.

Ian Lovett: Yeah – there’s a layer of fidelity that you didn’t see in the first one. For all that I felt that the first game was quite rich in a number of ways, it was very primitive. A lot of things were very roughly realised. We didn’t have the texture space or the memory to do things the way that we wanted to. For a consumer… Well, that’s a really difficult one, actually, because by and large – you’re going to hate me for this – by and large, consumers are visually illiterate. They don’t understand what they’re looking at.

Mike McCarthy: Do you really want to say that?

Ian Lovett: Yeah! Yeah, I do actually.

Mike McCarthy: So what you’re saying is, by and large, our audience are morons, and…

Ian Lovett: No, no! It’s just… They’re not necessarily going to notice. I want them to be drawn in, and that’s more than the sum of the parts. Nobody’s going to look at this and go, “what amazing normal mapping on that! I’m so glad they did that!”

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