Fable II Collector’s Edition DLC Code Solution

Microsoft has announced a solution for those of you who bought the Fable II Limited Collector’s Edition without a DLC card packaged inside.

We have identified that some copies of the (Fable II) Limited Collector’s Edition are missing the downloadable content (DLC) cards, which give access to in-game bonus content. This represents a small fraction of the total number of (Fable II) games shipped and sold, and is contained to the Limited Collector’s Edition of the game in North America. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have purchased a copy of the (Fable II) Limited Collector’s Edition that appears to be missing the DLC card, please enter your Windows LIVE ID here. Codes* will be sent out via email to the email address associated with your Windows LIVE ID within 5 working days.

*Only one token code per Windows LIVE ID. Website fulfillment of this offer expires on 12/31/2008.

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