Fable E3 Preview

GameSpy has tossed up a preview of Fable, after seeing the Xbox RPG in action at this year’s E3. Here’s a snip about combat:

The fighting system is pretty straightforward. You can choose to attack using magic, your melee weapon, or a first-person bow and arrow. Magic can be used to attack the enemies directly, or you can cast magic spells on your weapons to increase their power. Experience is gained from killing enemies, and you can multiply this experience by hitting you enemies without taking any damage from them. This is a good way to level up, but you have to be pretty good not to get hit. The AI looks decent during the up-close combat, but seems to be lacking when you attack from long range. A baddie can take an arrow to the side of his head, and his friends will stand idly by while you pick the rest of them off. Hopefully this is an easy thing for the developers to fix.

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