Fable Community Diary #5

Lionhead Studios’ Sam Van Tilburgh stopped by the Lionhead Times to post another community update for Fable. This time, he talks about some of the good and bad things that are being said about the game and attempts to set the record straight. An excerpt:

Presentations are given at shows, to present what’s there, journalists write up a nice (or not so nice) hands on preview, capture the screen in moving or still images and all the stuff gets released on that amazing thing we call: the world wide web.

One of the big items recently was the one about Horns and Halos, which started to live a life of itself. Of course these things are in, no doubt about it. What some people didn’t understand is that when the press saw the versions of the hero with the horns (evil) or butterflies (good), they were shown very extreme versions of your character. Also, this game is still in development, the whole process of Horns and Halos just like everything else will be tweaked and polished as we speak, even toned down, and as you play the game, these alterations to your character happen over a very long period of time. something we’re not blessed with when giving a press demonstration.

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