Expeditions: Rome Demo and New Trailer

According to this Steam announcement, later today, you’ll be able to download a demo for Logic Artists’ historical RPG Expeditions: Rome and experience roughly 4 hours of early gameplay. And if you’re someone who enjoys livestreaming, over the course of this weekend, you’ll be able to watch and influence a number of livestreams highlighting the game’s first act.

Together with the announcement, we get this trailer showcasing two of the game’s regions:

Some additional details:

How did famous consul Cato the elder put it once? „Ceterum censeo Expeditionem esse demonstrandum!“ (By the way, I think Expeditions needs to be shown!“). And who are we, to mess with the opinion of such a wise man? From December 17th, 2021 onwards, a playable demo for Expeditions: Rome, the upcoming cRPG, will be available on Steam. The demo will let you take command of conquering Lesbos at the start of the Greece campaign and offers about 4 hours of gameplay, to find out if you have what it takes to be a great Roman Legatus – and to find out if Expeditions: Rome has what it takes to be crowned your new favorite cRPG.

To get accustomed to Greece, before you set foot on its soil, watch the latest trailer for Expeditions: Rome, showing the impressive vista of Greece and the heart of the empire, Rome, the eternal city itself.

Streamer Weekend – The biggest and most ambitious Twitch Extension to date

If watching is more your thing – we‘ve got you covered. Starting in the early PST morning of Friday, December 17th, through Monday, December 20th, a selected group of streamers will be given special preview access to the first act of Expeditions: Rome, allowing them to play the entire Greece campaign while using the new Expeditions: Rome Twitch extension. THQ Nordic partnered up with Muxy Inc. (developing the extension and managing Twitch integration) & Leviathan Core Inc. (securing streamers and content creators for this event weekend and for activations surrounding the game’s release on January 20, 2022) to deliver the most ambitious, expansive Twitch extension to ever exist for any game. It will allow the streamer’s audience to interact with the game and their favorite streamer like never before.

During Rome’s turn-based combat, audiences can direct AI targets, heal or knock-down both enemy and streamer combatants, re-name units with their TwitchID, set fire to the battlefield, and much much more. Streamers can ask for help or beg for mercy as the audience directly influences how challenging or easy each combat encounter can be at every step of the process. And even outside of combat, the audience can interact heavily with their favorite streamer: vote about choices in dialogues, check the stats of the streamers party, read the quest log to get caught up on the current goals, even send care packages – there is so much possible interactivity, Expeditions: Rome will move the border between single-player and multi-player experience. People will not only be watching and chatting with their streamers, they will play together.

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