EverQuest II – Kael Drakkel Lore and Legend Server Now Live

If you’d like to revisit the expansive world of EverQuest II and explore its numerous zones without the hassle of leveling your character, you might be interested in Kael Drakkel, the new “Lore and Legend” server for this venerable MMORPG.

All Kael Drakkel characters will start their journey at level 90 with a set of decent gear and 300 alternate advancement points. These stats will then be scaled down to whichever zone your character will be visiting. The FAQ below will explain this system better, but first, here’s a trailer for this new server:

Our new Lore and Legend server, Kael Drakkel, is now live and open for players to explore Norrath like never before. No need to ask if you’re geared and ready for the challenge! Everyone will be, but there are so many adventures that await so good luck out there and happy hunting!


What will this server be named?

The Lore and Legend Server will be named Kael Drakkel.

What are the requirements for this server?

You must be a member to create characters on Kael Drakkel.

What level do you start as?

All characters start as a level 90 adventurers with a base set of gear and Adept spells. You will be able to do any Destiny of Velious and before content, including your epic 1.0 quests.

What about crafting?

You will be able to choose a tradeskill profession and buff it to level 90. All Destiny of Velious and before crafting quests will be available, so you will be able to quest for your pack pony, earn your Earring of the Solstice and your Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl, etc. Due to how the server scales you, you will not have to worry about being too “squishy” to do crafting content if you don’t choose to adventure much.

What expansions are included?

The server will include everything from launch to the Destiny of Velious expansion (Great Divide and Eastern Wastes).

What about Alternate Advancements?

You will start with 300 alternate advancement points, which will be the expansion cap at the start of the server.

Are mercenaries allowed? What about familiars? What about Channelers and Beastlords? Freeblood? Aerakyn?

Yes to all.

What is this about achievements and a leaderboard?

There are over 1800 achievements that can be obtained on the Kael Drakkel server. Each achievement will be worth a certain number of points based on the achievement category. The points that you earn are tallied to determine your place on the serverwide leaderboard. They are also used to earn currency that can be spent at a special achievements’ vendor.

How does mentoring work?

As you travel to other zones from your arrival spot in the Great Divide, you will automatically be mentored to a level appropriate for that zone. The mentoring scaling has been adjusted with special stat caps and the like so you will be at a skill and power level appropriate for the zone, instead of being massively overpowered.

What makes this server grouping-friendly?

Everyone will be auto-scaled to the same level, which makes the playing field a bit more even, and should make it easier to find groups to do various things.

How do you increase in strength if everyone is the same level?

In addition to upgrading your spells and combat arts and increasing your alternate advancements, you will be upgrading your gear via a mix of drops and crafting. Chest drops from named overland mobs, dungeons and raids, no matter what level the mobs are, will drop level 90 individual gear loot for each player. There are a plentiful number of gear tiers, with each drop unlocking another tier of drop potential for that item as well as granting you the ability to upgrade that item via crafting.

Example: Flibbertigibbit, a warden, receives a tier 2 set of leather gloves with caster stats on them. This unlocks the ability for her to loot tier 4 leather caster gloves in the future, and also gives her the ability to craft those gloves into tier 3 leather caster gloves. When she loots the tier 4 pair sometime in the future, she can then craft the tier 5 pair, and also unlocks the ability to loot the tier 6 pair in the future.

Does this mean I have to craft to progress?

No, it means that you can upgrade your looted gear by a single tier while waiting on a loot drop for that specific piece. If you don’t want to do that, that’s totally your call. (Or of course make a new friend that prefers to craft.)

How will the server handle live events?

Since Kael Drakkel is launching with the Destiny of Velious expansion, the annual and monthly live events will be activated, just as they are on the live servers. The only exceptions will be content in areas of the world that are not yet available to Kael Drakkel. So, if you can get to it, you can do it! The first event Kael Drakkel has to look forward to will be the Neriak City Festival, followed by Chronoportal Phenomenon, and so on. Just check the in-game calendar for event dates and times.

Will Guildhalls be allowed on Kael Drakkel?


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