EverQuest II Developer Q&A

Sony Online’s official EverQuest II website has been updated with a brief Q&A session with three different members of the development team – senior game designer Chris Cao, senior producer Scott Hartsman, and community relations manager Steve Danuser. A taste of what Chris had to say:

Q: How does the city of Maj’Dul differ from Qeynos and Freeport?

A: Maj’Dul is a bandit city run by three bloodthirsty clans. The streets are never safe, and so adventurers will have to watch themselves at every turn. Unless you join one of the factions, you’re in for a lot of trouble. And even if you decide to help out a given side, you’re sure to make a host of enemies. All of these disputes, however, can be settled in a not-so-friendly Arena Champions scenario.

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