EverQuest II: Desert of Flames Preview

The guys at MMORPG.com bring us another E3 preview, this time of Sony Online’s EverQuest II: Desert of Flames expansion pack. Here’s a bit of what they had to say about it:

The centerpiece of EverQuest II: Desert of Flames is the desert city of Maj’dul. Maj’dul is not a reputable place in Norrath, quite the opposite. It is dominated by a criminal element and only the bravest of travelers will venture there. All NPCs in the city can be attacked, and based on which of five factions you are aligned to they may well attack you. The sub-game is that these five factions are in a constant tug of war for control and it is up to you to ensure that your faction remains on top. Based on what players do, the city itself will change. What was a friendly kiosk yesterday may well be hostile territory tomorrow.

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