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A new article on IGN PC entitled “EverQuest II Blog” talks about Sony Online’s recent trip to Beijing, China for the China Joy gaming show. In it, community relations manager Steve Danuser talks about how the company plans on bringing the EverQuest sequel to China in a timely manner after its release. Check it out:

Video games may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about China. But in reality, the gaming market there is huge. Online games in particular are booming due to the massive number of people on the Net. One Internet service provider alone has 83 million subscribers — 83 million! That’s an amazing number and it’s growing every day. Over the past six years, online connectivity in China has risen a staggering 600%. Current estimates are that in a few years China will have more people online than the rest of the world combined.

We went to China to demonstrate our commitment to the international community. While EverQuest is available in China, we didn’t enter the market until the game had been out for a while. Our goal is to be more timely with EverQuest II.

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