EverQuest: Gates of Discord Confirmed

The guys at PlanetEverQuest have confirmed that the seventh expansion for EverQuest is under development and is called “Gates of Discord.” Here’s a snippet of what they had to say in a recent newsbit:

Tunare, EQ’s Graphics engine, is getting a MAJOR facelift, Jumping to Version 3.0. RAM-Hog Vertex animation is being replaced with Bones and Inverse kinematics, as well as many other Efficiency corrections to the game’s code, which will practically HALVE the system requirements of EQ, and allow lower-end users to play with luclin models/high texture quality, etc, Increasing Framerates, Decreasing Lag caused by loading problems, and Making Zone times almost NON-EXISTENT. Also, Old-world zones are getting a graphical Cleanup, as has been said, with rumours abounding of Higher Poly models for Classic old-world Mobs.

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