Everquest Add-On Impressions

Last weekend there was a launch party in Las Vegas for the new add-on pack for the game that holds on to you tighter than Al Gore holds on to his chance in this election, Everquest: Scars of Velious. If you’re curious what it was like to play the game, Gamespot offers up their impressions:

Later, we were summoned to Kael Drakkal, the home of these frost giants. By that time, the game master had increased our hit points to around 30,000 so that we could enter the frost giant city and fight them without dying an instant death. The frost giants are pretty impressive because of their size, and the city itself is very tall to accommodate these creatures. Wandering around their fortress, we saw extremely tall and large tables and doors – so large that we felt like a party of mice.

For another take from the launch party, EqCorner posted a mini look-see.

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