EVE Online’s Greatest Stories

EVE Online, CCP Games’ sandbox space MMO, celebrated its 15th anniversary on May 6, 2018. With a booming virtual economy and a cutthroat environment where anything goes and you can lose all your progress in a blink of an eye if you’re not careful, it didn’t take long for EVE to become a hotbed for unscripted stories of treachery, backstabbing, and subterfuge. And now, 15 years later, the editors over at PC Gamer have put together a list of some of EVE’s most notorious and memorable player-driven stories. Here are a few examples:

How a scam in EVE Online turned into its greatest rescue mission

Scooter McCabe is EVE Online’s most prolific scammer. If you name it, chances are he’s conned some poor sap out of it. But even his reputation for cruel con artistry has its limits, and when Scooter discovered a pilot was exploiting naive new players for personal gain, his mission to bring him down turned into EVE Online’s first humanitarian aid mission.

Inside the biggest heist in EVE Online history

You should always be careful of those you spurn—especially in EVE Online. That’s a lesson that the leader of one of EVE’s biggest and oldest alliances, Gigx, learned when he logged on one morning to find that, overnight, his second-in-command had stolen everything. It was, to date, the biggest theft in EVE Online history. But, even worse, all of it was an intricate revenge plot from Gigx’s former allies whom he betrayed a year earlier. What goes around comes around.


How EVE Online’s greatest military leader once fooled the entire galaxy

Over a decade ago, the Titan-class supercapital ships of EVE Online were almost mythologically rare. Space historian Andrew Groen, author of the excellent Empires of EVE Online, writes about how one of EVE’s greatest players hoodwinked the entire galaxy and managed to save one from being destroyed by an armada of almost a thousand players.

Meet the most honest man in EVE Online

Despite what people want you to believe, most people in EVE Online aren’t amoral psychos. Some people, like Chribba, have built a legacy on honesty—and made a killing doing it. For years, Chribba was a broker, the middle-man who ensured that the most expensive deals in the galaxy went down without a hitch. Things didn’t always go well for Chribba.

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