Eschalon: Book II Monster Profile #1

Basilisk Games has begun a monster profile feature series during the month of October, in which they’ll introduce us to a different Eschalon: Book II creature each week. For the first profile, we learn about the Catacomb Rat:

The Catacomb Rat is a large relative of the common rat and can be found inhabiting caves, dungeons and crypts throughout Eschalon. They have a coat of coarse, bristly fur which is often colored shades of gray or brown, and their tail is rather short and muscular compared to that of lesser rats. After eons of dwelling in the darkness of the underground, their eyes have adapted to detect the infrared heat of their enemies. While they are primarily scavengers, they will not hesitate to hunt for their next meal if the opportunity arises nor defend their nesting area from invaders. Adults may grow to be the size of a large dog and can be a devilish foe to the untrained, especially in large groups which are called mischiefs.

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