ELEX II Patch 1 Now Live

Having released ELEX II about a week ago, Piranha Bytes now brings us the first patch for their open-world RPG. For the most part, the patch seems to be dealing with various visual and performance issues, but it also squashes a few odd bugs here and there.

Here are the patch notes:

Hey everyone!

We have just launched the first patch for Elex II on steam

Patch notes are as follows –

  • Fixed problems with certain graphic cards (especially VEGA chipsets)
  • Fixed some screen tearing problems
  • Reduced mesh size
  • Increased mesh cache size
  • Fixed a bug where mesh cache got fragmented over time
  • Fixed a bug in controller support
  • Fixed various smaller bugs

We also released a patch on Playstation 4 and 5 that fixes the screen tearing

More information for other platforms will come in the future.

Remember if you have issues with our game to report them here – https://redmine.thqnordic.com/projects/elex2-community/issues/new

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