Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Screenshots & Diary

Bethesda’s official Elder Scrolls website has been updated with a few new Oblivion screenshots, as well as a new team diary written by programmer Steve Meister. Here’s a snip from the diary, where Steven talks about Oblivion’s new combat system:

To perform “normal” attacks, you just click the attack button to swing your melee weapon. If you click again at a certain point in the swing, you can perform another attack on the back swing – so you can do multiple slashes with your weapon by properly timed clicks of the attack button. Each time you attack, some fatigue is burned.

We’ve also added a new kind of attack called a “Power Attack”. Power attacks do significantly more damage than normal attacks, but they take longer to perform (leaving you vulnerable) and burn more fatigue. You perform a power attack by holding the attack button down briefly while either standing still or selecting a direction. For example, if you hold down the left movement key and press and hold the attack button with a sword equipped your character will do a cool spinning attack while moving to the left. (No, the camera doesn’t spin in first person – trust me, you’d need a bucket next to your gaming setup if we put THAT in!) And as your skills progress, you earn new power attacks.

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