Elder Scrolls E3 Team Diary

The official Elder Scrolls website has been updated with a new team diary penned by Bethesda’s Pete Hines, in which the PR representative discusses what the team has in store for this year’s E3. Check it out:

Now, most of that we had figured out about six weeks ago, except the last part of the demo, which we completely trashed and replaced a week ago. That’s not something I recommend trying at home, by the way. Changing your demo with less than a week before lockdown is pretty gutsy, but you can’t hit home runs unless you swing for the fences. We have a lot of amazingly talented people here and the last part of the demo went from being okay to being fantastic in the course of a weekend, maybe less. And, much like releasing a game, knowing what the demo should show, and having it built is one thing, having it just right and squashing bugs is another. After all, this is a game still in development and so not everything is working perfectly.

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