Eisenwald: Blood of November Updates #1-6, $8320 and Counting

There have been a half dozen updates to the Eisenwald: Blood of November Kickstarter campaign since the team at Aterdux launched it last month, during which we learn more about what’s in store for us if the strategy/RPG follow-up is successfully funded (or released without funding). Since yesterday’s update covers the game’s quest system, and such design considers are near and dear to my heart, I’ll hone in on that aspect:

Legends of Eisenwald featured a heavily story driven gameplay. The main campaign, the Masquerade, Road to Iron Forest – these are all examples of a story driven approach.

In Blood of November we want to try something else. Sandbox gameplay cannot rely too much on the story. Having just a scenario completely without a story though is not very fun either – Cursed Castle is a good example of that.

In Blood of November the map will be filled with things to do sometimes seemingly unrelated to each other. Due to new handling of the quests majority of player’s actions will gradually influence the outcome and make subsequent quests either available or unavailable. The influence will not be immediately seen and we believe that only towards the mid or late game a player will understand what road he/she took. Given the fact that there will be some random quests too, the gameplay each time will differ to a certain degree.

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