Eisenwald: Blood of November Kickstarter Campaign Launched

The team at Aterdux Entertainment clearly has no plans to walk away from the turn-based strategy/RPG franchise they kicked off with Legends of Eisenwald last year, as they’ve launched a new Kickstarter campaign for a “modest” follow-up entitled Eisenwald: Blood of November. The campaign seeks a reasonable amount of $12,000, with the end result being a title that brings sandbox gameplay into the fold:

In this new story you will get to decide who is fit for the throne of the duchy of Eisenwald. The duke is dead, long live the duke. Two factions vie for the throne and you will have to choose a side, for neutrality is not an option.

We considered where we wanted to take the Eisenwald experience following on from Legends of Eisenwald and we decided that the sandbox route might suit our style of gameplay best. This will give the player an opportunity to experience the world of Eisenwald from a new angle, but still enjoy an old-school adventure in a standalone form. It’s also a great option for players scared off by the hefty 50 hours that was in Legends of Eisenwald. No prior knowledge of Eisenwald is required to get the full experience in Blood of November.

This new adventure will have many new features:

• Random events that add a great amount of replayability;
• Smart re-spawn – improved dynamic balance of the armies;
• Updated look – the engine and graphics will be reworked and improved;
• Sandbox like gameplay – freedom of movement;
• Experimental quest system that will change according to your behavior.

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