EIP Gaming Giveaways – July Edition

The Steam Summer Sale might have drained your wallet, but fear not! EIP.gg will be giving away a free Steam game every weekend this month through our Discord channel. To enter, simply go to the #giveaways channel on the EIP Gaming Discord server, and then click the Discord Confetti Emojiemoji below the GiveawayBot’s message.

We’ll be giving away a game every week, with the winner being announced on Sunday at 4PM EST (so that you’ll have time to play your new game before the weekend is over). You’ll be able to enter the giveaway from approximately 5 PM EST Friday to right before it ends on Sunday at 4 PM EST.

Here’s what you’ll be able to snag in our upcoming June giveaways:

  • 7/4 – Little Big Workshop 
    • Manage your workers, stations, machines and create awesome stuff as your little big workshop grows into your dream factory!
  • 7/11 – Imperator: Rome
    • Dominate the classical Mediterranean in Imperator: Rome, a grand strategy game from Paradox Interactive. Navigate the dangerous waters of politics and diplomacy as you build up your provinces and conquer foreign lands. Now available with special content and the digital artbook.
  • 7/18 – American Fugitive
    • Framed for your father’s murder, you’ll need to do whatever it takes to unveil the real culprit. Tackle thrilling missions for the criminal underworld – just don’t let the cops track you down!
  • 7/25 – Twilight Struggle
    • Twilight Struggle is a two-player game where players play as either the US or USSR during the Cold War. Using actual events from history, players must plan out their strategies in order to obtain world dominance. Play Twilight Struggle and change the course of history.

We’re posting the giveaways at the beginning of each month, so be sure to check back and see what’s going to be up for grabs next. Good luck!

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