Edited Fallout 3 Gets MA15+ Rating in Australia

Fallout 3 – which was refused rating in Australia earlier – has been resubmitted in an edited version and received MA15+ rating, Internode reports.

Just last week, we told you that Fallout 3 had been resubmitted to the Classifications Board, in the hope that it would be deemed suitable for Australian audiences.

While the Classifications Board can take anywhere from a few days and a few weeks to hand down their decision – it seems that the edits made to the Bethesda Softworks title have been successful, with the second edition of the game granted a new MA15+ rating this afternoon.

Here is the official database entry from the Classifications Board – we don’t yet have the finer details of the decision, but are currently finding out just what was changed in the game in order to secure the new rating, and release in this country.

The trouble with the rating originally was rumoured to centre upon the fact that Fallout 3 features drugs with real-life names, which have probably been removed or replaced with other identical-functioning items. It’s unknown whether anything bigger has been edited out.

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