Earthrise Peek #1

Masthead Studios’ post-apocalyptic MMORPG Earthrise is getting the “peek” treatment over at RPG Vault. The beginning of the Continoma faction:

After more than a century of exhausting Earth’s natural resources and exploiting its ecosystem, the planet’s nations had virtually depleted its wealth. The citizens began to rise up against their corrupt governments in order to take survival into their own hands. Once influential shareholders within the corporate world could only watch helplessly as their power dissipated before their eyes, and the regimes that had kept them in business crumbled.

To maintain control, the major corporations were forced to unite into conglomerates that came to be known as the Complex Markets, economic behemoths so powerful they could dictate the flow of government itself. These commercial unions essentially became countries of their own, where the human rights and basic liberties of billions were decided in boardrooms rather than parliaments.

Born of this was a society that measured every individual by his contribution to these complex markets. Unions formed in the hope of forcing loyalty among the populace, although their own sets of rules reserved social benefits for only those citizens who showed the greatest compliance and loyalty. A massive struggle for dominance began, with each mega-corporation believing itself to be the last hope for the continuation of mankind. Foreseeing the impending destruction of the planet, the groups began to research ways of ensuring the survival of their respective followers so they could ultimately inherit the future.

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