E3 2004 RPG Round-Up, Part 1

A two-page article on RPGVault takes a closer look at several RPGs that were on display at this year’s E3, including Vampire: Bloodlines, Dragon Age, World of Warcraft, and more. Here’s a snip about Bloodlines:

Troika’s upcoming release seemed to draw considerable and deserved attention for its visuals, but the gameplay will be far more important in the long run. A conversation and demo with team leader Leonard Boyarsky reinforced and expanded my already keen interest. The polish and other efforts that go into the game between now and release will determine how good it ultimately is. What I can say at this time is that the components seem to be in place – a very capable developer, an intriguing property, strong technology, etc. – to provide the potential for a truly superior role-playing experience.

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