Dying Light 2: Stay Human – Ronin Pack DLC Trailer

Hot on the heels of the recent Authority Pack DLC for their zombie-survival RPG Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Techland now brings us the Ronin Pack. This new free DLC bundle is once again split into three parts that, when put together, will provide you with a complete set of armor and a unique weapon.

Here’s the DLC trailer:

And some extra info:

Roam The City as a masterless samurai with the Ronin pack, coming in three parts to download as free DLCs. Claim them at Steam stores to collect the full set, a full outfit and a unique sword. Visit TechlandGG for more info!

The first part (available now) contains:

  • Survivor’s Handcrafted Jacket—Designed to help you keep low.
  • Survivor’s Handcrafted Breeches—Meticulously crafted to let you move without restriction.
  • Survivor’s Handcrafted Trainers—Tread lightly with these comfortable sneakers.

The second part (available on February 23rd) contains:

  • Survivor’s Handcrafted Mitts—Deliver strikes with insane precision with these form-fitting mitts.
  • Survivor’s Handcrafted Mask—Mask yourself and become one with the shadows.
  • Survivor’s Handcrafted Light Guards—Defend yourself swiftly with these light guards.

The third part (available on February 25th) contains:

  • The Wise Katana sword—”A powerful sword / To kill any enemy / Strike fast like lightning”

Each outfit item will give you 4% boost to parkour damage. Complete the whole set for an additional 6%. You will find claimed items in ingame stash.

Remember to visit TechlandGG website for more details about upcoming events.

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