Dying Light 2: Stay Human New Parkour Challenges Available

Continuing their post-launch support for Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Techland brings us a series of new parkour challenges for the game. If running across rooftops is something you can see yourself enjoying, you might consider checking out this trailer:

And a quick description of this latest event:

Did you already finish the Flying Scorpion parkour challenge that appears in Dying Light 2 Stay Human 2 days ago? That was only a teaser of what arrived today in The City! Techland prepared 4 new challenges for all parkour fans! Jump into the game and try yourself in 4 very diverse trials to finish them all and become a master of the parkour.

There are four new amazing trials available today for all players, along with the Wyvern paraglider skin you can get at TechlandGG at no extra cost.

Suspension of Disbelief

There’s no city limits here. Cut your way through the urban jungle while manipulating the environment to your advantage.


Enjoy the gallery as you roll and tumble across the rooftops.

Stroll on the river

Don’t be afraid to get wet in this one. Dive into the waterways to reach the end.

My Whole World is a Glider

Keep to the skies to avoid dangerous chemicals on the ground, and coast your way to the finish line.

And if you still haven’t tried it, jump into the Flying Scorpion, the first challenge available since Tuesday in which you can unleash your wings as you hook and swing over the streets below.

Visit TechlandGG to check the locations of all 5 challenges, as well as to claim your Wyvern paraglider skin, with which you’ll be sure to rule the skies.

And stay tuned! More challenges are coming to Dying Light 2 Stay Human later this month.

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