Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 39 Released

The newly released Update 39 for Standing Stone Games’ Dungeons & Dragons Online is packed full of the usual balancing adjustments and gameplay tweaks, but more importantly, it also adds four new dungeons to the game that all share a common theme – mad wizards, as well as a new universal enhancement tree that lets you have a pet falcon. It also adds another much-anticipated dungeon based on a classic module – White Plume Mountain.

The complete patch notes are quite extensive, so here’s a bit about the major new features:

White Plume Mountain and Other Tales

This new classic dungeon, along with a collection of other tales, is now available in a new Adventure Pack that is Free to VIPs! Includes five new dungeons, including the classic module White Plume Mountain, plus four additional all-new tales of mad Wizards and their works. The five quests are not part of a narrative arc, but instead tie thematically around Wizards run amok. The questgiver for White Plume Mountain can be found in the Eberron Hall of Heroes, near the Against the Slave Lords questgivers, while the questgivers for the other quests can be found outside of the Tower of the Twelve, on the road leading to Meridia.

White Plume Mountain: Level 9 Heroic, 32 Legendary

Search ye far or search ye near
You’ll find no trace of the three
Unless you follow instructions clear
For the weapons abide with me.

North past forest, farm and furrow
You must go to the feathered mound
Then down away from the sun you’ll burrow
Forget life, forget light, forget sound.

To rescue Wave’s Crest, you must do battle
With the Beast in the Boiling Bubble
Crost cavern vast, where chain-links rattle
Lies Whelm’s Crest, past water-spouts double.

Blackrazor’s Seal yet remains to be won
Underneath inverted ziggurat.
That garnered, think not that you’re done
For now you’ll find you are caught

I care not, former owners brave
What heroes you seek to hire.
Thought mighty, I’ll make each one my slave
Or send them to the fire.

-Your host, Keraptis’

Another Man’s Treasure: Level 6 Heroic, 21 Epic

Objects made out of pure platinum have unexpectedly turned up in the Stormreach Dump, causing dissent among the Kobolds who scavenge there.

Kind of a Big Deal: Level 6 Heroic, 21 Epic

A powerful magical artifact has gone missing. If it is not found quickly, it could cause pandemonium in this once quiet valley.

Memory Lapse: Level 6 Heroic, 23 Epic

The famous wizard Tarent Hoxworth has organized his memory as a library. Each memory was neatly filed away on the shelves, until a rival wizard cast a spell that has brought chaos to Tarent’s tidy mind.

The Price of Freedom: Level 6 Heroic, 25 Epic

The Esoteric Order of Aureon has built a very special prison specifically to contain lawbreakers who are talented in arcane arts. Now, you are going in, to break a friend of a friend out!

Falconry Universal Enhancement Tree

The Falconry Universal Enhancement Tree gives players the ability to use a Hunting Bird to make coordinated attacks on targets, and hones the character’s ability to make pinpoint attacks. The Falconry Universal Enhancement Tree can be used by any character that has unlocked access to it, similar to Harper Agent and Vistani Knife Fighter. The Falconry Universal Enhancement Tree is available in a collection of White Plume Mountain bonus items, available in the DDO Store. The tree will be available as a separate purchase in the future, and will also be available to unlock on a per-character basis in a future update. Further details, including specifics of all of the enhancements in the tree, can be found lower in the Release Notes.

Treasure of Crystal Cove Item Update – Event coming soon!

The Treasure of Crystal Cove event has been updated to make it easier than ever for participants to earn in-event items! We’ve redesigned some of your favorites, and added some new items as well. Crystal Cove’s mining challenge now scales up to level 35, and a new tier of gems drop at the highest levels that can be turned in for level 28 versions of the Cove’s loot. Additionally, older items can be exchanged for new versions by speaking to Euphonia, although Augments or Sentient Gems are not transferred to the new version. Items no longer require rare gems to acquire, and the rare tier of gems no longer appear. Each item is fully upgraded out of the box. Legacy versions of the items can still be obtained in a corner of the tavern in Smuggler’s Rest. The Crystal Cove event will arrive soon – keep an eye on the forums and social media for further details!

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